setting intention at upswell

Setting an Intention for Social Change

Michelle Cho, co-founder of Gladeo, a digital media platform providing career exploration for young people, reflects on how intention guided and informed her 2018 Upswell experience.

Upswell Sunil Oommen

5 Insights I’ve Learned from Two Decades in the Social-Impact Sector

Sunil Oommen, founder of Oommen Consulting, a firm specializing in fundraising, events, and project management, shares key reflections on what it takes to be a leader in the nonprofit sector and how to voraciously seek new opportunities. 


The ABCs of Moving Managers to Leaders

How can we help our staff, or ourselves move from working as managers to working leaders? Clues to effective leadership management can actually be found in each letter of the word L-E-A-D-E-R.

Lillygol Sedaghat

Lessons on Leading from Influence Nation 2018

During the 2018 Influence Nation Summit (previously known as MCON), LeaderStories spoke with some of the participants about their thoughts on effective leadership, and what emerging social purpose leaders need to know. Here are our favorite short inspirational video clips.

Upswell 2018 LeaderStories

Tapping into Shared Purpose and Value at Upswell 2018

Aminata Gueye shares her experiences from Upswell 2018 and how being surrounded by other changemakers helped her find confidence and clarity in her vision for her organization and project Blueprint for Footprints. 


Love What You Do: Jessica Van Thiel's Leadership Journey

"We are constantly inspired. We regularly connect with some really amazing people doing some really great things. We learn all the time. We collaborate with like-minded individuals. We create solutions to real problems. How many people get to feel these things in each work day? It’s a phenomenal experience."

Kofi Annan

A Lifetime of Leadership: What I Learned From Kofi Annan

He was not my boss, not my mentor nor someone I worked with. He is, however, someone whom I regard as one of the greatest leaders of our time. The three times I met the man are still as vivid in my mind as they could be.

#Passion2Action Twitter chat

#Passion2Action Twitter Chat Recap

During the Twitter chat we c

Passion to Action Twitter chat

#Passion2Action August 15 Twitter Chat: Young Activists Share Tips for Getting Started

How can young people better understand social challenges, make their voices heard and drive real impact on issues they care deeply about? Join the International Youth Foundation and LeaderStories for our August 15 chat!

Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics

How I Learned to Think of Myself as One of “The Grown-Ups”

As program staff, I never quite saw myself as a leader in my organization or my community. Being just a few years out of college and among the "Millenial" crowd at work, I saw myself in stark contrast to The Others—the managers and directors of each department. Here's how that changed.