Ruglass Sisters

Health is Not a Luxury: Black Women Leaders, Trauma, and Radical Self-Care

Is it time we started treating leading well and with wellness in mind not as a luxury but as a legitimate issue of life or death for many of us, especially for leaders of color?

Shauna-Lee Ruglass shares data and reflections on this crucial issue.


Journeying Toward Wellness as a Leader

Stepping back to focus on how we work and lead our teams is challenging in the best of times. During a global pandemic and volatile time for our work and communities, it can feel nothing short of radical. Yet, for leaders of color especially, growing data on health outcomes are proving that self-care is not a luxury, it is essential. Shauna-Lee Ruglass, a fierce youth development leader currently engaged in the American Express Social Justice Leadership Academy, lets us in on how she’s creating space for reflection, wellness, and becoming.

Carlos Lejnieks

To Turn Up the Volume on Innovation as a Leader, Try “Amplification Time”

Visionary leaders need time and space to think differently, and that’s not always easy amid day-to-day demands. Carlos Lejnieks, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Newark, New Jersey, created a process for making time for himself, his team, and the young people they work with.

Elsie Ramsey

"If I recover loudly, I help prevent others from dying quietly": An Interview with Elsie Ramsey

Elsie Ramsey founded the site, Bigger Than Depression, to normalize conversations about mental illness in our professional and personal lives. In this interview, Elsie shares mental health approaches on the horizon that have her feeling hopeful, and advice for all of us looking for balance during a global pandemic. 


On Leading and Leaving an Old Shore

Old Shore New Shore is by far the most impactful tool in my leadership arsenal. It maps the coordinates of every big life decision on my roadmap ... and it taught me there are rituals necessary for good endings.

Terri Broussard Williams Advises

You Too Can "Find Your Fire" you believe in something greater than yourself? Do you have a fire within you to create change? If you answered “Yes,” then you have a desire to lead, but may not know the steps to take. In her newly updated book, Find Your Fire, Terri Broussard Williams is here to help — whether you're igniting your first spark, or looking to rekindle your transformative fire.



Do You Know How to Listen, as a Leader?

It’s not as easy as we might think. Listening is an undervalued yet essential leadership skill that can be practiced and strengthened. Lynna Chandra, founder of the Rachel House in Indonesia, has some advice.


A Nonprofit Leader's take on the Executive Coaching Experience

Have you ever wondered what an executive coach could do for you, as a social purpose leader? Shushanna Abovyan and her coach Dr. Geri Lyons take us inside the process. 


With “Women Emerging from Isolation,” Julia Middleton Plans for Leadership Post-COVID

Julia Middleton, the founder of Common Purpose UK, is sparking a new movement, focusing on leadership after the pandemic. “Women Emerging from Isolation" is about coming together to have a stronger combined voice in the world.


Women's March

When Leaders “Choose to Challenge”: 6 Women to Watch

Across the globe, March is Women’s History Month, or Women’s Month. This year’s theme is “choose to challenge,” and the organizers are posing this question: “How will you help forge a gender-equal world?” 

Here at LeaderStories, we don’t just profile the accomplishments of women’s leaders one month a year. We celebrate and spotlight for-purpose leaders of all genders, all year. For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re uplifting a few of our favorite 90-second narrative profiles of leaders who have focused on strengthening their leadership as a way to deepen their impact. They are transforming communities and cultures, and have not shied away from challenges in front of them. Here are six videos of women whose work around the world inspires us to tackle obstacles and take action.