Changing the World, With a Day Job: Highlights from our May Twitter Chat

We all want to change the world. It's not always so easy, but that changemaker drive is so important.


Highlights from the 2016 Global Alumni Summit

Video highlights and written reflections on the Alumni Summit from one of the participants.

Summit 2016

Takeaways from the American Express Leadership Academy Alumni Summit

I am a proud 2010 graduate of The American Express Leadership Academy at the ASU Lodestar Center.


Leadership & Influence: Highlights from our April 21 Twitter Chat

Leadership and influence: the two things are inextricably linked. Leaders, by their very nature, must be influential.

Shawn Dove Tammy Tibbetts keynote

2016 Global Alumni Summit

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Beyond the Myth of the Singular Leader and "Leaderless Movements"

Many western cultures disproportionately value individuality, putting tremendous stock in singular leaders or celebrities (think: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, George Washington, Che Guevara, Gha

Jordyn Lexton

LeaderNotes: Catching up with Jordyn Lexton

Jordyn Lexton is the Founder of Drive Change, a New York City-based food truck with a social change mission.


Learn from Jacqueline Novogratz and Ana L. Oliveira - VIDEO

During the latest American Express Leadership Academy, two special livestream events featured powerful talks from inspiring leaders.

Leaderosity: Taking Leadership Development to the Web

New! The Presidio Institute has launched an online leadership development platform for social impact leaders.

Ellie Canter in Aspen

Blue Sky Thinking for Busy Leaders: Reflections

An American Express - Aspen Institute Academy 2.0 fellow relects on her opportunity to step back from the constant press of deadlines and to-do lists and think bigger about her work, her passion and the type of leader she wants to be.