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VIDEO: Jacqueline Novogratz on "Embracing the Difficult"

Novogratz shares the personal story of her journey as a leader and the experiences that led her, together with colleagues, to start Acumen, a nonprofit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to tackle poverty.


VIDEO: Ana L. Oliveira on Diversity and Inclusion

Oliveira makes the case that the nonprofit sector, more than any other, is positioned to transform communities by “dismantling the demeaning ways we structure ourselves as human beings,” often driven by racism, classism, sexism, able-ism and ageism.



Leaderosity, from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, is an online course that is interactive and customizable to a participant’s pace.

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Acumen Academy

Acumen Academy is a globally accessible online leadership training program providing thousands of emerging leaders around the world with the skills and moral imagination they need to become more effective at changing the way the world tackles poverty.

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