Babacar Diop

CEO & Founder, African Leaders Factory Initiative

Dakar, Senegal
Cohort: Ashoka, Dakar, 2017

Babacar J. Diop Junior Diop earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Finance from the prestigious Business School at the African lnstitute of Management. He graduated top of his class and received the highest honor for his leadership and social commitment. Babacar became an influential ambitious young leader in Africa after being appointed UN Ambassador and participating in the UNFPA Fellowship Program. In August 2016, he was selected as the best candidate in West Africa for the American Express Leadership Academy Emerging Innovators Bootcamp in August 2017. After a former classmate dropped out of school due to the death of his mother, he founded a nonprofit organization called African Leaders Factory Initiative (ALFI).  This was his first experience in public service.  The organization provides a great community.  Its mission is to produce great African leaders of today by committing to the sustainable development of different communities and focusing on the individual’s creativity, vision, conviction and ambition.  ALFI established a free online education community platform, providing applications and tablets across Africa to increase the enrollment and literacy rate and to provide a quality training while promoting gender equality.