June Twitter Chat: Build Your Social Purpose Dream Team


June 24, 2016
1 p.m. EDT   |   #amexleads


Most everyone has a fat stack of business cards. The most effective leaders don't let them collect dust on a shelf. They don't miss the opportunity to reach out, collaborate, plan and take initiative to be the change.

After all, making the world a better place is easier with the right help.

Find yours fast with tips from our #amexleads chat on June 24 at 1 p.m. EDT.

The panel:

  • Abe Flores (@FloresAbe) Field Education and Leadership Programs Manager at Americans for the Arts
  • Rob Gordon (@RobertGordonIV), Project Manager at Presidio Institute, the home of Leaderosity
  • Cynthia Poon (@cynthpoon), Co-Founder of Increment

The questions:

Q1: For most of us, true changemaking requires engaging "team members" beyond our staff. How do you define & structure your team? #amexleads

Q2. Who became the first key ally in your social change mission? How did you convince them to support the cause? #amexleads

Q3. What’s your advice when it comes to networking and building long-term engagement? #amexleads

Q4. How long into your leadership journey did you make your first hire? What should aspiring changemakers know? #amexleads

Q5. What is the most underrated help that emerging leaders and innovators can benefit from? Any tips? #amexleads

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Don’t let your stack of business cards collect dust. Get tips on how to reach out and change the world: bit.ly/chat624 #amexleads

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Looking for a co-founder? Need a mentor? A partner or collaborator?
Our #amexleads panel on June 24 has tips: bit.ly/chat624