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Sadhna Bokhiria

Sadhna Bokhiria,

Sadhna Bokhiria

Vice President
Darwin Research Group


Inspired by a Bhutanese folk saying: to be a happy person, one must contemplate death five times daily. The WeCroak app sends me random reminders to take a moment to reflect on my inevitable demise. It helps me curate gratitude and remember the ways in which time is fleeting.


FaceApp and Aging Booth

Seeing a picture of yourself aged 50 years later is very powerful. If I am in a tough place, it helps to see my future self looking at me. I use this app to age my photos and print a picture of the "older" me to help keep me in check.


"Is This Anything?" by Jerry Seinfeld

For 45 years, Seinfeld has been writing material about anything, everything, and nothing. There is never a moment where I don't find something relevant and useful in this book.

About Sadhna Bokhiria

Sadhna Bokhiria, Ed.D., is the Vice President of Client Services at Darwin Research Group where she gets to work with a team of superhuman data scientists to provide advanced intelligence and in-depth strategic insights to health care executives. Prior to joining Darwin, Sadhna completed her doctorate with an emphasis on international gender gaps in higher education and the correlation between humor and intelligence. She taught at Boston College and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences before her research was published in collaboration with the University of Arizona’s Cancer Center. She is a proud graduate of the American Express Leadership Academy at the Arizona State University Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. She is also the host of LeaderVoices podcast, an American Express Leadership Academy Alumni Created Podcast.