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Rana Matar

Rana Matar

King’s Academy
The Leadership Skills Handbook

The Leadership Skills Handbook, Jo Owen

Being an educator, my goal is to teach my students how to become effective leaders in future. The book gives me a clear guidance on how to start building leadership skills for people. It provides us with techniques on how to develop people’s behaviors and values. It also starts with teaching the mindsets skills which I believe it’s the first step to set the stage for learning leadership skills.



It’s a useful link which includes different templates to be used or even adapted per the student’s needs. This resource should be in hands for all teachers in the field as it makes their teaching effective and structured. Sometimes we might feel lost with different learning styles but when we have the key life will become more easy.

About Rana Matar

Our life is becoming more complicated, although we are surrounded with technology. As a result, we become frustrated and stuck on how to manage. This book gives us specific clarified strategies on how to understand our needs through acknowledging us the relationship between the mind and the body. The strategies are considered as a self-help guide to change the way we think to become more positive.

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