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Monisha Kapila

Monisha Kapila

Monisha Kapila

Founder and CEO
Chronicle of Philanthropy

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I read this everyday to stay up-to-date about the latest in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector.


ProInspire's Sector Guide - resources on different parts of the social sector

I helped compile this, and think it's a great listing of networks, resources, and conferences broken down by sub-sector!


Starbucks app

You can order from your phone and your coffee is ready when you arrive. It's one of the best time savers out there, I don't know why people wait in line at Starbucks when you can order ahead from your phone. Seriously, just try it!

About Monisha Kapila

Monisha Kapila founded ProInspire to develop leaders at all levels for the social sector. The Chronicle of Philanthropy named ProInspire one of 7 Nonprofits to Watch in 2015. Monisha previously worked for Capital One, Accion, CARE, and Arthur Andersen. Monisha has an MBA from Harvard Business School, where she received the Dean’s Award, and a BBA from the University of Michigan. Monisha is a Board Member of the National Human Services Assembly, a Board Member for AchieveMission, and an Advisor to Fund the People. She has written extensively about equity and inclusion, leadership, and Millennials in the nonprofit sector. Monisha has been recognized as Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 40 Under 40, HBS Leadership Fellow, American Express NGen Fellow, and America's Leaders of Change.