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Maura Lout


Maura Lout

Maura Lout

Director, Center for Urban Park Management
Central Park Conservancy
Learn better

Learn Better

Learning is the essence of my work. This is a quick, insightful read that has helped me think about learning as an adult.



It's not fancy or new or flashy, but my notebooks are an incredibly important part of my work. I write down almost everything: to-do lists, ideas, errands, thoughts and feelings, drawings and quotes. It helps me to keep track of things, but also helps me to not lose sight of aspirations and hopes. I try to write in a different color pen each day. I've kept every work notebook I've ever used–it's the most complete record of my life!



I know, everyone and their Aunt Sally is meditating, but I love this app. I don't have a lot of time as a parent and professional, but this app really helps me make the most of the few minutes I have to myself. I can use it on the subway, which is especially great. Partly because I have the time and partly because it's somewhat ironic to be meditating with throngs of humans crushed around you

About Maura Lout

Maura Lout has two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, having worked in multiple capacities, including project development and management, research and policy analysis and nonprofit operations. With a focus on long-term planning and program design, she has developed and managed programmatic platforms and the related strategic plans for a variety of organizations, including New Yorkers for Parks, the Nature Conservancy and the Museum of the City of New York. She is currently the Director of the Center for Urban Park Management at the Central Park Conservancy's Institute for Urban Parks, where she directs the development of tools, training and other resources for park professionals based on the Conservancy's world-renowned best practices.