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Katie McKinney Guerin on Finding Diverse Perspectives

Here are a few of Katie's most indispensable resources.

Katie Guerin

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Aspen Institutes Five Best Ideas of the Day

"I love this daily email of interesting stories lying just below the headlines. The sources and perspectives are always diverse and provides an outlet for thinking about current issues that lie outside of the strictly political realm."


The Five Minute Journal

"I find journaling to be a very helpful process. This gives me a quick and easy way to focus, first thing and last, on the things I appreciate, the positives and how I hope to improve."


If you can, walk or bike to work

"Active transportation enables you to kill two birds with one stone (commuting and exercise) and has innumerable physical, environmental and mental health benefits. Plus it is incredibly efficient especially if you are living in a city!"

About Katie Guerin

Katie McKinney Guerin is the Head of Strategic Initiatives at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC). Prior to joining RTC in 2012, Katie was an Account Manager at Odell, Simms and Lynch, a nonprofit fundraising consulting firm. Earlier, she served as Press Secretary for now-retired Congressman Henry Brown (R-SC). She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband, where she enjoys riding her bike, taking improv classes and checking out new restaurants.