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Jessica van Thiel

 Jessica van Thiel

Jessica van Thiel

Founding & Managing Partner
The Clean Money Revolution, Joel Solomon

The Clean Money Revolution, Joel Solomon

The book clearly shows us the practical path for using money as a service to grow what we love most. Perfect for Social Enterprise leaders and people alike!


Forces For Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofit, Leslie R. Crutchfield, Heather M. Grant

Everything you need to know about best practices for nonprofits.



Great accounting App for startups. Easy to use, pretty detailed and it's free!

About Jessica van Thiel

Jessica’s focus is in the field of aid and development, human rights law and advocacy, among others. She is a PhD Student in Management and Business. Jessica has worked with EU Institutions in Brussels, on international research and development projects. She also worked as the Gender Focal Point of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Mauritius Country Office. Her work also includes consulting for a Human Rights NGO based in South Africa, where she assisted victims of domestic violence and led an anti-Human Trafficking Campaign. Currently based in France and Canada, she is the co-founder of PATHFINDER. Jessica's work is motivated by her passion to advocate for policies and sustainable strategies that directly benefit minority groups and the impoverished.