Gigi Raffo

Gigi Raffo

Giannina Raffo is a digital marketing specialist, award-winning graphic designer and human rights activist from Venezuela. She is the first Atlas Corps Fellow from Venezuela, connecting young leaders from developing countries with U.S. based organizations to address critical social issues. She has four years of experience in digital marketing and development of impactful social media design, having worked with the European Union, American Express Foundation, CIPE, Atlas Corps Network, among others. While working as the Social Media Director of the most influential free-market think tank in Latin America, CEDICE Libertad, Giannina is currently developing the "Inflation-meter of Venezuela", an online tool geared towards low-income families, that will help measure and better understand the specific effects of inflation given the absence of reliable government data. She is currently pursuing opportunities in digital advocacy, human rights, and communication for social change.


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