Elly Belle

Elly Belle

is a journalist and writer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where she’s the borough’s primary Pun Enthusiast. She has a passion for advocacy, culture, and media, with a focus on bringing stories of restorative justice and healing to the spotlight. She has worked at organizations like Camino Public Relations, PEN America, The Forum for Youth Investment and SparkAction, focused on social change and human rights. Dedicating the majority of her time to working in youth development and mental health, she's also a local organizer for the LGBTQIA community and for sexual assault survivors. Most of all, she’s committed to storytelling in many forms as a means of spreading hope and progressive social change. Her words can be found in outlets including LeaderStories, SparkAction, Teen Vogue, Thrillist, InStylePublisher’s Weekly, BUST Magazine, and more.



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