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Derrick Feldmann

Derrick's recommendations balance meaning and inspiration with data and evaluation, for real impact.

Derrick Feldmann

Derrick Feldmann

Start with Why

Start with Why

"Valuable book for leaders to understand their purpose and why for their work."


Give and Take

"Great book for leaders to understand how Givers and Takers in our world will connect and work with one another for a greater good." (The web resources has interactive tools and assessments.)



"A great network of data-inspired leaders seeking to have lasting impact on social issues."

About Derrick Feldmann

Derrick Feldmann is a sought-after speaker, researcher and advisor for cause and corporate social responsibility engagement. He is the lead researcher of the Millennial Impact Project, a multi-year study of how the next generation engages with causes. Derrick is president of Achieve, an agency specializing in cause-engagement and market research. He founded Achieve to help causes and companies address their most pressing issues, through audience research and data-driven campaigns. Derrick is the author of Social Movements For Good: How Companies and Causes Create Viral Change and co-author of Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement.