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Denis Doolan

Denis's recommendations and inspiration for more leadership skills and impact.

Denis Doolan

Denis Doolan

Vice President
Special Olympics
Thinking Fast & Slow

Thinking Fast & Slow

“The book offers excellent research-based insights into how we make decisions, the need to consider what our unconscious biases might be and how they might impact the things we do every day.”


The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning

“The article offers a helpful distinction between strategic planning and strategic thinking, and warns of the danger of strategic planning being a programmatic exercise that fails to truly challenge the status quo.”


Why Should anyone be Led by You?

“The article challenges perceptions about what it takes to succeed as a leader, and poses a great question that any leader should consider all the time.”

About Denis Doolan

Denis is the Vice President with Special Olympics. He has over 20 years of international experience working in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Panama, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the United States. His work has ranged from strategic and operational planning, project management and consultancy in the nonprofit and event sectors to the provision of leadership training and development services in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.