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Dan Cardinali

How Dan stays on top of developments, connects the dots and measures what works.

Dan Cardinali

Dan Cardinali

President and CEO
Independent Sector
The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership by Heifetz, Grashow and Linsky

"This is probably the single book I most often refer to in conversation. I think every changemaker should consider the authors' central insight on technical vs. adaptive challenges. When we start approaching social problems with an adaptive mindset, I think we can begin to find real solutions rather than Band-Aids."



"From politics to technology to media, Axios is doing some of the smartest journalism out there. They connect the dots and provide context in a way that's usually missing with our 24-hour news cycle. I read their newsletters every morning, and almost every issue spurs an "Aha!" moment that influences the way I view our work at IS."


IS Action Center

"I have to plug this, because I believe every person who cares about the common good needs to be involved in advocacy. We built the IS Action Center as a convenient destination where users can learn about issues affecting the nonprofit community and then take a series of actions to make their voices heard. Once you register with your home address, everything is prepopulated, so you can tell state and federal policymakers what's on your mind with just a few clicks."

About Dan Cardinali

Dan Cardinali is president and CEO of Independent Sector, the only national membership organization that brings together a diverse set of nonprofits, foundations, and corporations to advance the common good. He believes strongly in the power of sector organizations to work collaboratively to improve life and the environment for individuals and communities around the world. Dan is known for his commitment to performance management to drive evidence-based programs and high impact organizations. Before joining IS in 2016, Dan spent 12 years leading Communities In Schools, the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention organization, where he was credited with fostering the growing national trend toward community involvement in schools through partnerships with parents, businesses, policymakers, and local nonprofit groups.

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