Chris Mukasa

is a social changemaker who co-founded the organization Fatuma’s Voice because of his belief that art can create unity amidst diversity. Fatuma’s Voice holds forums that bring young people together to express themselves through art, poetry, and music, while creating bottom-up solutions to social issues. Through regular forums on topics such as drug abuse and the role of youth in agriculture, Fatuma’s Voice sparks solution-oriented dialogue on major issues facing young people. By gathering artists from different ethnic groups, Chris seeks to foster a national art identity. Participants have shared their voices on national television, daily newspapers, and prominent blogs. Fatuma’s Voice has expanded beyond Nairobi to Nakuru and Mombasa counties. In 2015 alone, the initiative reached mored than 1,860 young artists and over 450,000 online and in-person audience members.


Fatuma's Voice

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