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Alison Wagner

Alison's recommendations and favorite resources for great impact.

Alison Wagner

Alison Wagner

Director of Volunteer Services and Complementary Therapies
Hospice of Michigan
Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is a simple system that organizes your life into one place. It's a system to learn, not a Journal you have to purchase. You design your Journal to fit your needs.


Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning book has started a movement of people waking early with a purpose and to be centered on achieving goals and having an impact. It is a fun read with a follow-up podcast and social media.


In Over our Heads By Robert Kegan

Robert Kegan authored a theory that is the foundation of adult learning. Understanding Kegan leads to a greater understanding of where we are on our lifelong learning and how to work with others who are in a different stage. Unless we find ways to advance our capacities to process and make decisions, we will be in over our heads in the modern era.

About Alison Wagner

Alison Wagner is the Director of Volunteer Services and Complementary Therapies at Hospice of Michigan (HOM). She manages 18 staff members and 600 volunteers and is committed to utilizing volunteers’ time and unique talents for their personal growth while benefiting the nonprofit hospice mission. Under Ms. Wagner’s leadership, the Complementary Therapies program, which includes Music Therapy, Massage Therapy and Pet Therapy, is expanding. Prior to joining HOM, Ms. Wagner worked within the nonprofit sector in nursing education, economic development and the arts. Throughout her career, she has worked with volunteers, musicians, clinicians, donors and has extensive event management and program management experience. Ms. Wagner earned a Masters of Fine Arts from New York University, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Michigan State University.

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