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Five Ways Nonprofits Can Mitigate Potential Backlash Related to Their Boards and Wealthy Donors

How do nonprofits reliant on wealthy board members avoid controversy and backlash? Tim McClimon shares his advice.


The Talent Imperative

The following are excerpts from my recent keynote speech at the Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit in Washington, DC on the need to develop talent and leadership in the nonprofit sector.


The Millennial Loyalty Challenge

Highlights from the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey and the implications for corporate social responsibility and social purpose leaders.

The Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit

Why the issue of nonprofit leadership continues to loom over the sector, and what we can do about it.

The Protection of Global Cultural Assets

A humbling lesson in the importance of engaging a community in the work of historic preservation.

Expanding Our Commitment to Leadership Development

The Leadership Academy's comprehensive approach provides both world-class training as well as funding for innovative leadership efforts.

Why Nonprofits Should Care About Data Security Too

Cyberattacks are a big security risk to any business. Be aware of how and where you protect our nonprofit's valuable funder and employee information online.

Five Global Trends Impacting CSR in 2015

Tracking the global trends that will impact the work of corporate social responsibility CSR professionals and the efforts of companies to be perceived as concerned about the environment, human rights and profitability simultaneously.