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Blair Glencorse talking

“Agile Accountability” in the Face of Uncertainty: An Interview with Blair Glencorse

How do you empower a global team in the midst of uncertainty?

Gravis hospital

Supporting Rural Communities in India: An Interview with GRAVIS Founder Prakash Tyagi

Dr. Prakash Tyagi, Executive Director of GRAVIS and Founder-Director of GRAVIS Hospital, works with communities in the Thar Desert region of India, supporting development of water, access to education, food and health care. Here’s how he and his team are adapting to work in the time of COVID-19.

Julie Smith standing

Letting Go to Get Things Done: A Conversation with PressureValve Founder Julie Smith

Julie Smith, founder of PressureValve Coaching, shares insights for finding calm when the stakes are high – and pausing to let things drop as a way to actually do more.

Wesner webcam

It’s Never Too Late to Prioritize and Prepare: An Interview with Wesner Pierre

The Harlem Children’s Zone’s Wesner Pierre shares his insights on leading mindfully, finding your why, and being a student of happiness.

"Remember What You Already Know": An Interview with Alison Wagner

Working for the largest nonprofit hospice in the United States, Alison Wagner’s work has been overwhelming since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but she’s drawing from lessons she’s learned to get through.


Insights for Days of Uncertainty: Series Welcome

Welcome to our community-drive series focusing on how the for-purpose sector is adapting during the Covid-19 pandemic, from leaders around the globe.